Napoleonic tiara - Making of


I always wanted to make Regency tiaras, which were very common around 1800. I wanted them to be sturdy and enduring and so I didn't try them until I finished jewelry school and got the commission from a friend. Here I want to show you a small making-of, the whole process takes several hours.

One of the many paintings and existing pieces for inspiration


I sawed the base from a brass sheet...

...then the various parts are soldered on. A lot of sanding is needed in between and afterwards.

The tiaras are ready for the gilder.

The finished piece. Coral beads are attached and it is ready to wear!

The first one which is a bit smaller due to test material sizes.

The expert's try: it keeps well on the head, even while dancing! :)

You're interested in a Regency tiara for yourself? You can contact me at contact @!